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Battery Terminals

Something we see on occasion. Green Crusties on negative battery terminal. Cleaned up very nice. Looks almost new after cleaning. This is a sign the battery post seal or bond is compromised and leaking acid. You can see from the sticker on top of battery it's over 5 years old. It's run its race, ready for recycling. tested very strong, so it stays. A regular customer, so we can keep an eye on it. A freebie fix during a routine service. Be sure your vehicle is being serviced by someone who cares. Some don't want to be bothered with nasty stuff like this and wait for it to show up on the tow truck. Then you shell out the big bucks. At MasterWorks Automotive, we believe in, "A Higher Standard in Auto Service". Come visit us at our new facility at: 1621 N Liberty St. in Harrisonburg.

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